How to make a Coiled Raffia Bowl DIY Tutorial | Craftiosity | Craft Ki

How to make a Coiled Raffia Bowl DIY Tutorial | Craftiosity | Craft Kit Subscription Box

Craftiosity is the subscription box of modern craft kits, available at Ready to give Raffia weaving a go? Here's the video tutorial to along with your Coiled Raffia Bowl Craftiosity kit. Learn how to create a woven, natural Raffia bowl to keep your keys and other knick knacks in. We hope you enjoy it! Check below to skip to specific parts of the process. Inside the kit you'll find: - 4 bundles of Raffia (2 natural, 1 sage, 1 lavender) - Wide eyed sewing needle Here are the timestamps for the specific processes within the tutorial: 00:16-00:23 → Materials 00:23-00:29 → Untie and unfold the Raffia 00:30-00:41 → Take section of Raffia for centre of coil 00:42-01:08 → Take one strand of lavender raffia and wrap around the natural 01:08-01:18 → Create loop and continue wrapping 01:18-01:31 → Thread the raffia and sew through the loop 01:31-01:38 → Wrap again around central bundle 01:38-02:00 → Repeat process 02:01-02:24 → Wrap new piece of lavender around core 02:24-02:42 → Changing colour of Raffia 02:47-03:15 → Adding more core Raffia from natural bundle 03:16-03:29 → Base of the bowl re-cap 03:30-04:23 → Build edges of the bowl 04:23-04:51 → Cutting the core raffia and weave around to complete stitch 04:51-04:55 → The finished bowl If you liked this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Sign up to our newsletter at to have more inspiration flying into your inbox! Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Thank you for watching and we hope to see you again soon!

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