the Japanese secret, to long lasting hair straightening!!! Natural and

the Japanese secret, to long lasting hair straightening!!! Natural and effective keratin!

[IMPORTANT] Wash your hair with shampoo at last. the Japanese secret, to long-lasting hair straightening!!! Natural and effective keratin! #keratin_hair_treatment_at_home #straighten_hair_naturally_at_home_permanently #trendingvideo Homemade Hair Straightening Cream | Permanent Hair Straightening After 1 Use. Does your hair feel dry, brittle, and dull? Do you suffer from frizzy hair and split ends? So this homemade hair straightening Smoothening treatment will strengthen and add shine to your dry damaged frizzy hair. Learn how to make hair straightening cream at home, hair straightening Smoothening hair Spa steps by steps at home. DIY homemade Boil rice hair spa cream. Boil rice hair mask benefits for hair: 1) Moisturise dry hair 2) Add a glossy shine to hair 3) Repair damaged hair 4) Strengthen the hair follicles and makes hair stronger 5) Helps hair grow long Make Hair Straightening Cream At Home Ingredients : 1)Rice 2)Corn starch 3)coconut oil HOW TO USE: Your hair should be clean before using these creams and also hair should be damp. Now section your hair then apply small amount of cream on your head and spread the product to your tips. Now cover your hair with a foil wrapping paper. You have to let the cream on hair for about 30 minutes. The next step is washing your hair deeply with normal water for 5 to 7 minutes. You have to make sure that every bit of rice cream is washed away. After that, wash you hair with mild shampoo. Tips and Suggestions to keep your straight hair healthy : 1) Hydrate your hair daily to keep it strong and avoid split ends. 2) Always wash your hair using a mild shampoo. 3) Avoid using the flat iron daily. 4) Use a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair. 5) Don’t brush wet hair as this can break it. Chapters are as follows: 00:00 Introduction 00:32 We will need white rice 01:22 Cook it well on the stove 02:19 Then grind it in a blender 03:38 Corn starch 04:16 Put the cream of rice in a saucepan 05:31 Put it in a bowl to cool slightly 06:11 Add a tablespoon of coconut oil 07:20 How to use it 08:11 After 1 hour, wash your hair as usual 08:37 For best results, repeat it 2 times a week Natural Poonam,smooth and shiny hair at home,how to do a keratin treatment at home,keratin treatment naturally at home,keratin treatment at home naturally,hair smoothening at home,keratin treatment at home natural hair,keratin hair treatment,Damaged hair,Frizzy hairs treatment,diy keratin at home,step by step procedure for keratin treatment,Homemade Hair Straightening,viral video,keratin treatment,straight hair treatment,diy keratin treatment

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